Blog Design Review for “Your Move”

Blog Title

1, What might this signify?

This title is more of a challenge rather than just a simple blog title. With this title, I tell the readers, “Okay. Here’s my writing in all its glory or mess. Now respond to it.” I’ve had blogs before (I’m actually running another blog other than this one) and I’m well aware that readership makes or breaks a blog. Besides, how are you going to improve if you don’t invite people to critique what you do? That thought process was definitely present when coming up with “Your Move”.

2. In what category would you place this blog title?

I would definitely place this blog title under “cultural allusion”. It actually references my favorite card game anime (Japanese animation) franchise – “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (not chess, as previously discussed in a class once. I don’t even understand chess). The characters will say this phrase to their opponents to challenge them to react to what just happened in a card game-based duel (e.g. summoning their ace monster, having just pulled off an amazing combo). Since Yu-Gi-Oh! has had a huge impact on my life, including my writing life, I felt obligated to reference it in my blog title.

Blog Design

1. Describe it.

I’m pretty picky with blog designs, even if I’m only limited to the free version. After much searching, I decided on “Hemingway Rewritten”. I actually made a lot of changes to it, since I like playing around with blog designs. I uploaded a picture that I took myself as the header image. I took the picture when I visited the Kyoto International Museum in Japan. There was an exhibit dedicated to former manga artist Tsuchida Seiki who had passed away quite recently and just how prolific he was as a manga writer. They had 18,000 pages of his original work on the ceiling, on the floor, and on the walls; there were so many pages that they couldn’t all fit on the ceiling, the floor, or the walls, so they had at least three stacks of the pages. Since I’m a writer and have written many, many drafts of ideas for stories, I could relate; which is why I put an image of the exhibit as the header.

I also changed the background to light pink because pink is my favorite color. I chose light pink in particular so that people could actually read the text. I had the background as hot pink before, but it was hard to read.

2. How readable is it?

I think it’s readable. I put in a lot of work to make sure it was readable.

Image of Writerly Self

1.Yes/No. If yes, describe it.

I do have an image that represents my writerly self, but because of my blog layout, no one can see it unless I comment on a post of theirs. It’s a picture of me squatting on the ground with one hand on it for support and pointing at a sign that says “Kyoto International Manga Museum Entrance”. I also have an excited expression on my face.

2. Where is it located?

As I mentioned before, the image of my writerly self is hard to find on my blog unless I comment on other people’s posts on their blogs.

3. What might it signify?

Because I strongly identify as a writer, specifically a creative writer, I always find writing to be an exciting adventure rather than a boring chore that has to be done in order to pass a class (although, 10+ page research papers ten pages are a huge exception to this sentiment). Whenever I have the time to just sit down and write something and I actually do write it, I’m always overcome with this feeling of joy because I always think, “Woah. I’m writing. I’m writing something that sounds cool. Woah. This is awesome!” In short, the image signifies the excitement I have when I think about writing and when I actually do write.


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