“A funny thing about Robinson Crusoe . . .” [Farther Away]

A funny thing about Yu-Gi-Oh! is how in 18 years of the franchise being around, no one questions the prominence of playing a card game to solving problems in the actual shows or books. There have been – sure – moments when people tried to solve issues by actually harming the other person physically (i.e. guns, traps, or a nice classic punch to the face) or just giving five minute speeches. There have been episodes where a card game wasn’t a factor in deciding something important. There have even been episodes where card games haven’t been played at all (although those are really rare). But the questioning of the prevalence of card games in society is noticeably absent  (The franchise’s most astounding detail just might be how seriously card games are taken). Although the characters sometimes admonish other characters for being too excited while playing card games, everyone unanimously accepts the role card games has on this ever evolving world.


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