“I was awakened in the night . . .” [Farther Away]

I was awakened from my nap in the night by the sound of heavy rain beating against the windows in the game room. The rain sounded like tiny golf balls hitting against the wall constantly at a quick pace. I went to my room and tried to sleep with all the pillows over my head, but I could still hear the tapping of the rain – possibly hail – on the windows looking into my room. When the weather transformed from a dark and vicious hailstorm to a cloudy, gray, and eerie silence, I walked out of my room and glanced through the window to see what had become of the creek outside. There had been so much rain that the creek had risen substantially; it looked as though it could flood the path that separated the houses and the creek. I trotted down the stairs and went outside to assess the damage the weather might have caused. There were puddles that had formed on the front porch and the sidewalk and I even saw a couple of stray cats walking around, clearly unhappy in their drenched conditions.


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