Is That Some Kind of Reference? – Former and New Blog Title Explanation

I’ve never been one to change the titles of my blogs. My experience has been that changing blog titles or changing usernames was a privilege only for the elite premium members who paid a lot of money. Changing my blog title from “German Sparkle Party” to “Your Move” was really difficult, if not painful, simply because I’ve never really done it. Luckily, I came up with a blog title that not only pleases me but also expresses my writing style accurately.

Why the shift from “German Sparkle Party” to “Your Move”? When I first started posting here, I thought this blogging experience would be a fun one filled with snark comments about life, precisely what the music video for The Something Experience’s “German Sparkle Party” (the namesake) entails. It’s not that I don’t think blogging here is fun anymore. Given the posts I’ve made so far, though, it’s not the most accurate title.

Why “Your Move”? This title actually references my favorite card game anime (Japanese animation) franchise – “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters”. The characters will say this to their opponents to challenge them to react to what just happened in a duel (e.g. summoning their ace monster, having just pulled off an amazing combo). Since I wanted a title to reflect who I am as a writer as well as my interests, I felt the phrase was the best choice. When I write thoughts that I plan to publish, I always strive to write in a way that challenges the reader to respond, either negatively or positively. I definitely feel that I definitely chose a great new title because of that.


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