Are You Are a Writer? – The Response

A writer is someone who quietly observes the world around them and comments on it. He or she doesn’t interfere or change the way things are at the moment but will interfere or change the way things are through his or her writing. Additionally, writers tend to have this reputation of being crazy for actually pursuing the craft among people who aren’t writers and among people who are writers, they are considered insane. Despite that opinion, though, they continue practicing their craft, constantly working on perfecting it. Given this criteria, I would definitely consider myself a writer. I’ve been writing journal-type entries for as long as I can remember and short stories based on television shows and original fiction since I was about nine years old. Aside from always receiving “You’re a really good writer” comments from teachers, other adults, peers, and even people younger than I am, I’ve always thought I exemplify what it means to be a writer; I think this not only because I write journal-type entries and short stories in my spare time but also because I definitely have the personality with which writers are generally stigmatized: absolutely good with writing while simultaneously lacking the sanity to fit in with the “normal” crowd.


9 thoughts on “Are You Are a Writer? – The Response

  1. I like this; it gives a good description of how you define a writer, and I enjoyed you threading through the post your own experiences as a writer–and how you relate to the definition you state in the first sentences. If anything, I’d consider adding more pieces about how you came to writing–or even if writing was just a constant thing, something you always remember doing.

    P.S. – I love that John Steinbeck quote that’s the subtitle to your blog.


  2. Angelica, I really like your definition of a writer. You sound so poetic when you describe a writer, which I guess helps prove your point that you are one! I think you are right, that most writers have this kind of crazy personality at times, but I think that there are other people who are writers that don’t necessarily fit into that personality. I guess by your definition I would also be considered a writer, which is something I’ve never thought of myself as, but I like that I can be considered a writer in some sense. My definition of a writer was more along the lines of, you write an essay, and receive an exceptional grade on it. As well as you like writing these essays. I’d like to know how you become involved in writing, and more about why you enjoy it so much.


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  5. Not all writers have to be the ones who don’t fit in with the “normal” crowd. In fact, the “normal” crowd is such a terrible stereotype. Just because you like to quietly observe life and then write down your opinion doesn’t mean your association with people who have other interests has to drive you insane. Why do you think writers lack sanity to associate with “normal” people? Does writing affect your social skills?


  6. I like how you give your definition of what you think a writer is. But what do you mean writers don’t fit in with the “normal” crowd? What is the normal crowd? If you’re considered “normal” does that mean you’re not fully a writer?


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  8. I enjoyed how you introduced what a writer actually is. The detail you went into for what defines a writer was very useful. Maybe you can go into further detail about the personality of a writers and who exactly are the “normal” crowd. Overall, great job!


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