Are the Four Letter Word Projects Writing? – Recording of Initial Paragraph – Video of Edits Made to Initial Paragraph

The Four-Letter-Word projects are writing. Since they do not exemplify the traditional sense of the word, the term writing must be then redefined. Kress mentions that language “demand[s] . . . commitment to naming a relation and commitment to a location in space in another.” (Kress) In other words, language requires two things: relationships and space. Writing, in itself, is a language that has these requirements. Certain words and letters have to be placed in a specific order in order for arguments and ideas to be expressed clearly. As such, the Four-Letter-Word-Projects rely on the relationship and placement of images to convey arguments and ideas effectively. In this manner, they are a subset of the writing language; as such, they are writing.


9 thoughts on “Are the Four Letter Word Projects Writing?

  1. Do you think you might be thinking of writing in the more literal sense? I do agree with you about how the four letter word project are not writing in the traditional sense, but I think that if you were to define writing as an artwork then you could consider the projects writing. When you think of writing, it is actually an artwork, it’s creative intention in the form of words, and these words usually form an argument or discuss a topic. If you think of writing this way then it’s easier to consider the four letter word projects a form of writing. Think of poetry. That’s writing right? And a form of art? Although the meaning isn’t as clear doesn’t mean it’s not writing. Same with the projects.


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  4. HYou seem to be thinking of writing too literally; just the words on a page or screen. Had you thought about the concept of images and writing, you’d probably still be able to convey your argument of the Four-Letter word projects not being writing, while being able to show how it’s not in another way. (not just by saying images can’t form sentences).


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  6. You say “Images may contain some words or letters in them and while they present arguments and ideas, but they don’t form sentences.” My question for you is that, do you think that the images can take the place of traditional, written sentences to convey a message?


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