Discovery and Relaxation

One place that I feel two ways about is the Oyster Creek, located in Missouri City, TX where my neighborhood is. It’s not the prettiest of creeks, although the scenery around it is full of beautiful trees and other vegetation. I was told by my father plenty of times that Oyster Creek was the creek Stephen F. Austin and his companions sailed on when they first arrived to the state of Texas to settle there. Granted they never stayed in present-day Missouri City that I know of, but just the fact that the creek was a means of transportation by the founders of modern day Texas makes the creek pretty special, although many people living in the area around it now probably don’t even know that little fact. These days, the creek isn’t really used for much. People occasionally go to the creek and attempt to fish (although the chances of getting any catches of fish are pretty low) and I have seen a handful of people actually ride on a boat across the creek, but that is extremely rare. If anything, more people walk around the creek. Since the days of Stephen F. Austin, the landscape around the creek has been transformed into not only neighborhoods but also a trail (Oyster Creek Trail) and a park (Oyster Creek Park). Thinking about it now, I just find it interesting that Oyster Creek has transformed from being a waterway that was part of the discovery of modern-day Texas into a waterway where people go to for recreational purposes.


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