Can Images Do What Words Do? (Part II)

The video production “Make” does have truth value  especially when it shows the images of stoic people outside the Apple store and inside the Samsung store and the images of a girl being bored and the man being angry to the point where he puts a hole through his laptop with his fist. The pacing of the images drums out the fact that people as a whole can become too obsessive over technology. Because of the value of technology in the American society, they are more than willing to ignore that particular issue. In this sense, the argument’s “propositions and . . . argumentative function and roles are expressed visually”. (Blair) In other words, not only is the video arguing about the role of technology in our society, but it is also arguing about how people perceive the issues associated with technology through the expressions of the people. Since the video presents, through images, “claims or reasons [that] can be accepted or rejected” (Blair), the production has truth value.


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