Reflective Blogpost on “Why Tea?”

I keep thinking about the audio recording of my project 1, and I am pretty sure I will be revising the importance of the history of tea in the United States beyond the Boston Tea Party, the elaboration of tea in today’s America, the elaboration of the importance of tea in Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks sales, and elaborate more on how coffee doesn’t compare in terms of tea in the United States. I will also definitely be revising my essay to make it more coherent with my thesis: Americans want change, but if it affects what they want, they don’t want the change. I also plan on making a stronger statement with how just simply having Asians coming over to the United States isn’t the sole reason that tea has been so relevant to the American culture today. Additionally, I will also make note of other reasons that tea has become popular (i.e. health reasons, convenience) and how some areas of the country prefer different types of tea than other types and explore reasons why that is, including historical, cultural, and perhaps spiritual reasons.


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